Connect2 is a file-sharing app that transfers files of any type wirelessly. It offers you with the hassle-free file sharing as it is the fastest file transfer app. Share unlimited files as you will not even be restricted with the file size in the Connect2 app. You can share files at zero cost as it does not use your internet connectivity to transfer the files.

It has simply eliminated the oldest file-sharing techniques, including external cables and Bluetooth connectivity. As Connect2 is an Android apk file, it cannot be therefore accessed on iOS platforms. So to help you resolve this issue, the article has given the best alternative of Connect2 for iOS.

Connect2 for iOS – Best Alternatives

Those who look for ways to get Connect2 for iPhone/iPad can opt for any similar file transferring apps given below.

1. SHAREit

  • SHAREit is a file transfer tool that will work more or less similar to the Connect2 app.
  • SHAREit has been used by more than 600 million users to transfer files instantly.
  • With SHAREit app, you can share multimedia files of any size and any formats with one or more device connected to the same WiFi.
  • It works 200 times the Bluetooth transfer speed while the fastest speed can exceed 20 Mb/s.
  • With the in-built player, you can play music, video, movies, etc., within the SHAREit app itself.
  • As it a cross-platform file transfer app, you can share your files to the smartphone, tablets, and PC.

2. Xender

  • Xender is one of the best file transfer and sharing app that can be used to share files between iOS and other devices.
  • It is rated as the fastest all-in-one file transfer app that will let you share files like documents, photos, videos, movies, and more with few taps.
  • No need of tangled cables, Bluetooth, and internet as Xender will transfer any type of files wirelessly.
  • You can share files of any size with four other devices connected to the same network with ease.
  • Xender for iOS supports off-line mode file transferring while the transfer speed is the highest even without the internet.

3. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere
Send Anywhere
  • Send Anywhere is a file transfer application that can be used on the iOS device with the absence of Connect2 app.
  • It is an easy-to-use file sharing app that works quickly and supports sharing files of unlimited size.
  • Transfer your photos, videos and other files in its original size to your PC or other devices.
  • Send Anywhere app is all about a security key, and you will be able to share files only upon entering the key on the receiving device.
  • With the built-in player, you can play the music as well as the video that you have received from within the app.

4. SuperBeam Lite

SuperBeem Lite
SuperBeem Lite
  • SuperBeam Lite is an easy and fast WiFi direct file-sharing app that can be used to share large files instantly.
  • As it doesn’t require manual approvals or clicks, you can share files in a much more convenient way possible.
  • You can connect devices using the QR codes or by manually sharing the keys.
  • SuperBeam Lite app will make use of your existing WiFi network to transfer the files.
  • It will add unique numbers to each file and thereby duplicate the files that look alike.

Connect2 is also available for

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