UC Browser gives you more power while surfing the web online. It features Chromium like interface and similar features like Chrome. UC Browser app has adaptable configurations, and it helps you browse the web on different network connections. UC Browser Linux will compress the websites and accelerates page loading. The integrated ad-blocker will remove all the unnecessary ad popups.

Further, UC Browser ensures your privacy from trackers and third-party sites. UC Browser has a powerful download manager and offers a stable download speed while downloading files. You can access it free of cost on a wide range of devices. However, UC Browser for Linux/Ubuntu isn’t available officially. In such cases, look for better alternatives to UC Browser for Ubuntu or Linux.

UC Browser for Linux/Ubuntu – Alternatives

Currently, UC Browser isn’t supported on Linux/Ubuntu PC. However, you can choose any of the browsers that work, like UC Browser Ubuntu or Linux.

1. Brave Browser

You can use Brave web browser on your Linux or Ubuntu-based PC as an alternative for the following features.

Brave Browser - UC Browser for Ubuntu Alternative
  • It is an open-source, free-to-use browser and works just like UC browser.
  • Major websites will load two times faster than any of the popular browsers on Linux.
  • Surf the web without ad popups as Brave browser blocks ads and cookies.
  • It blocks the trackers and secures your privacy while browsing or making a transaction.
  • Security features include a built-in password manager, sending Do not track with browsing request, etc.
  • Access Chrome extensions available on Chrome Store with Brave browser on Linux.

2. Firefox Browser

Access the UC Browser features with Firefox browser on Linux /Ubuntu PC. The salient features of Firefox are as follows.

Firefox - UC Browser for Linux Alternative
  • It is the trusted web browser that keeps your personal contents private from spying eyes.
  • Unwanted ads and trackers will be blocked as it features enhanced tracking protection.
  • Use Private Browsing mode to erase your browsing history automatically.
  • Sync your account to access your bookmarks, history, and saved logins anywhere.
  • Get smart search suggestions, open multiple tabs, download extensions, etc., on Linux PC.

UC Browser is also available for

We hope the information provided about UC Browser for Linux/Ubuntu alternatives is useful to you.