Tinder is the top-rated social dating app that will fire up the conversation. It is all about swiping right or left and chatting with the matches. Although it is used for dating needs most often, finding friends on Tinder is still possible. Besides making a romantic relationship, any Tinder users can use it to make friends. So if you wanted to go for a non-romantic relationship with others, then use the Tinder app. You will be able to find Tinder friends, chat with them to start sharing anything you want with one-tap.

There is no wonder if you have used Tinder so far only as a dating app because most of the users use it for the same purpose. It is quite an interesting app that hasn’t failed to let you meet new people. So besides hookup needs, you can use the Tinder app to indulge in chatting with your friends.

Expanding the count of social networking friends is now a simple task with Tinder online. You will be able to find out the possible way to use Tinder app to find friends. Tinder is just the way more than match-making. If you are travelling to any location and wanted to find people or make friends, then Tinder works the best-in-class.

How to Make Friends on Tinder – Best Tips

  • If you are using the Tinder app to look only for friends, then be specific about it on your bio.
  • Let the Tinder app users find your intention on Tinder and what type of people you are looking for.
  • You can even specify the gender with whom you wanted to start a friendship within the Tinder app.
  • Swipe right only on those profile of other Tinder users who shares some mutual friendship interest with you.
  • Never swipe on the Tinder users who are looking for a relationship if you don’t want to indulge with them.
  • Share useful and much-needed photos or videos with your matches to build your friendship.
  • Meet Tinder friends in the real world to chat or ask them to join with you for dinner, coffee, etc.
  • You can even make new friends in Tinder while travelling by changing your location on the app.

Tinder is available for


Although Tinder is a dating app, it is up to the user who uses it. Be sure to specify your need, get a match, and meet friends in the real-world. So Tinder app not only works for those who wanted to get romantic matches but can be used to get friends online.