Tinder has been around for a couple of years, and it’s been used to meet new people and date them. Tinder being a dating app by default, it permits the users of age 18+ to access its feature, which makes it safe from kids. As it is most often used as a dating platform, Tinder isn’t available in a kids version. The article would discuss the points that narrated Tinder isn’t suitable for kids. There is an app available as Tinder for kids, and you will find more in detail about it right from in this article.

Swiping being the main feature, finding and dating people isn’t a complex thing with Tinder app. There have been more than 26 million matches made per day which no other dating apps do. Just tap through the profile to like or pass on to the next profile, and on getting back alike means a match. Even the Tinder kids app has been rated as unsafe as it not only lets the teens and kids connect with friends of like minds but has also let the parents worry about them.

Tinder for Kids – How Unsafe it is?

There are various aspects that convey the fact that Tinder isn’t the app for kids and children. They are as listed below.

  • Tinder doesn’t ask its users to verify the age, and thus it can be used just with a phone number. Thus it is easy for the kids to install and access its feature from their phone or even online.
  • The content ratings of the Tinder on the app store is mentioned as 18 and above. It clearly implies that Tinder users do get adult contents and thus isn’t an app for kids.
  • As Tinder Kids app supports Facebook login credentials, those who are less than 18 years of age will be able to access the features easily.

For these issues and even more, Tinder isn’t the good social chat app for the kids.

Tinder for Kids – Alternative

Yubo is a Tinder for Teens app that can be used by Teens to make new friends. It was formally called Yellow and is a social discovery app that will let you connect with the like-minded people. Just like Tinder, it lets its users swipe, chat and go live. It is rated for the age of 12 and above to create live video streaming with up to 10 friends. Tinder for Kids has more than 20 millions users globally. With a direct message, you can chat with new friends.

Just with a swipe, you can meet people, join the community, and be yourself to have more fun. Yubo is same as Tinder, and the users can even enter fake details to create an account. As it supports sharing photos and videos, kids will encounter adult contents sooner or later. So Tinder for Teens aka Yubo isn’t safer social networking app for kids to chat with new people. But there are several safety features available with the Yubo app, and they are listed below.

As to make Yubo app safer for kids, it has to build safety features such as

  • A valid phone number is must to sign up for an account which will be stored on the Yubo database.
  • A link will be received to the community guidelines just before accessing this app.
  • The underage profiles will be investigated, and the accounts will be removed if the users have given fake age.
  • Fake profile photos can be identified with Yugo as it has image matching technology.
  • The users can hide their region while the location is turned off by default.
  • With real-time notifications, Yubo notifies when someone breaks community guidelines.
  • There is a flag icon in the app, along with a report form for the parents that makes it easy to report the abuse and other queries.


The safety and security of the kids lie in how well they are using Tinder or Tinder for kids to connect with the people. As both the app contains unnecessary contents for the kids, it is must for the parents to look at their child while using on the smartphone.

Tinder is available for

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