Unlike the Android platform, BlackBerry OS doesn’t have the support for lots of apps. It holds true in case of imo, a social networking app. However, imo is now available for those recent models of BlackBerry phones that are running on Android OS.

Anyone can start sharing unlimited instant messages using imo on BlackBerry with Android OS. imo Blackberry supports sharing stickers, photos, videos, documents, and anything with a maximum of 10 GB.

In addition to messaging, the imo app supports video and voice calling. When words fail, you can chat over high-quality audio or video call with the help of imo app for free. Right from this article, you will get to know the installation procedure of imo for BlackBerry (Android OS) and the imo alternatives for BlackBerry OS.

Steps to download imo for BlackBerry (Android OS)

BlackBerry phone users (Android OS) with latest models like BlackBerry Keyone/Key 2 LE, BlackBerry Evolve, BlackBerry Motion, etc., can follow the section below to download imo app.

Step 1: Press the power button on your BlackBerry device at first and then click on the Google Play Store icon.

Step 2: Navigate to click the search bar. After that, type as imo with the help of the on-screen keyboard.

Type as imo on Search bar
Type as imo on the Search bar

Step 3: To proceed further, select imo from the list of suggestions shown below the search bar.

Step 4: Choose imo, and when redirected to app information screen, you should tap on the Install button.

Tap on Install button
Tap on the Install button

Step 5: A pop-up will show you the list of permissions. Just click on the Accept button to download the imo app.

Click on the Accept button
Click on the Accept button

Step 6: Wait for the Install button to change as Open. Lastly, you should tap on it to open and use imo on BlackBerry with Android OS.

imo for BlackBerry OS (Alternatives)

imo app isn’t available for those handhelds like BlackBerry Q5 and Q10, BlackBerry Z10 and Z30, BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry Leap, etc. So, the best alternative of imo App for BlackBerry OS is given below. You can download any alternative to chat with anyone at any time.

1. Chat for Telegram

Chat for Telegram is an imo replacement and it can be accessed on BlackBerry older models. It is a simple-to-use instant messenger app to share messages. Meanwhile, you can also use stickers or emoticons to spice up your conversations. You can share media files of any size like photos, videos, documents, etc., with Chat for Telegram app. In addition to private messages, you can create a group and chat with up to 20,000 participants. Chat for Telegram app works the best even on the weakest data connection.

Chat for Telegram - imo for BlackBerry Alternative
Chat for Telegram – imo for BlackBerry Alternative

2. Google Talk

Google Talk is a social messenger app and can be used as an imo alternative. You can use this chat app to share messages in real-time with anyone for free. With the latest version of Google Talk, you will get improved chat experience. It will show you the status of your friends, like whether they are available, offline or busy. It supports sharing emoticons and customizing your own status messages.

Google Talk - imo Alternative for BlackBerry
Google Talk – imo Alternative for BlackBerry

imo is also available for

To Sum Up

With imo on BlackBerry, you can chat with anyone over high-quality video calls and instant messages for free.

Hope the article has helped you out with the installation of imo for BlackBerry (Android OS) and its alternatives.