imo, an instant text and video chat platform to let you communicate with anyone no matter where you are. Unlike other social chat apps, imo web version isn’t made available yet. However, the article will guide with an alternative method in which you can use imo online version. With this, you will get access to the same features as that of imo apk.

For instance, you can use the imo app online to share unlimited free messages with any imo users over private or group chat. Choose from hundreds of free stickers available on imo to share it along with your chat to liven up the conversation between your friends or family. It lets you chat over voice calls on any connection from 2G/3G/4G or over a WiFi network. With the uninterrupted internet connection, you can even make HD video calls. imo supports both group video calls and one-on-one calls. Above all, the entire chat and call logs are encrypted. Thus, online imo ensures absolute security and privacy.

Note: imo HD video or audio calls will depend on the quality of internet connection, webcam and speaker.

Advantages of imo Web/Online

There are lots of advantages while using imo online version and they are as follows.

  1. Type messages faster using the PC keyboard while chatting on imo messenger web.
  2. With the webcam support, you can chat over video calls in bigger screen resolution.
  3. No need to install any external third-party emulators to access imo on the web.
  4. imo web extension is a small size file, and it will not consume much of your device space.
  5. Web-version will get sync your chat history, contacts, calls, etc., as that of the imo app.
  6. imo online version requires no manual update.

How to Use imo Online/Web

imo app isn’t available online or on the web officially. You can still use imo on web as a Chrome extension. Click the link given below to use imo online.

Steps to Install imo as Chrome Extension

imo Web/Online Alternatives

imo is also available for


imo Online/Web version isn’t available, and till the official release, you can use it as a Chrome extension.

Hope the article has helped you out on how to use imo online/web with the help of Chrome extension. Have any doubts? Suggestion? Or feedback? Then drop us a comment below.