Viber is one of the popular chat apps to stay in touch with anyone anywhere. It is an all-in-one messenger app that supports text messaging, voice or video calls, group chat, community support, etc. Not all of the features were available since its launch. Every now and then, Viber update takes place to add new features or upgrade any existing features. It was developed as a competitor of Skype and made available only as a voice-calling app. Viber was initially available only for iPhone, and later, it was made available for multiple operating systems. It includes Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian, Windows/ Mac/ Linux PC, iPad, Apple Watch, etc.

A year later, in 2011, Viber included instant messaging features. Viber has overcome its flaws with every new update and is the reason for it has attained such popularity. There have been continuous updates done to the Viber app on various platforms. So it is indeed a must to update Viber to let you enjoy the best of instant messaging and calls. You should update Viber app if you are concerned about accessing the new features, and fix the performance issues, bugs, errors, etc. The article will give you guidelines on how to update the Viber app.

How to Update Viber to the Latest Version

Viber is an instant chat app that will be updated constantly to give its users the latest features. Whether you are using Viber on Android/ iOS/ Windows/ BlackBerry, the steps given below will help you update the Viber app with ease.

Steps To Update Viber – Direct Method

The Viber app can be updated in the most straightforward manner on any of the supported mobile platforms. In this method, you will be dealing with the direct way of updating the Viber app for Android. Make sure you have installed the Viber app on your device just before following the guidelines.

Step 1: Go to the respective app store on your smartphone/tablet. Say Google Play Store for Android OS.

Step 2: Use the search bar to type in Viber. You will see a list of search results along with the Viber app.

Step 3: Click on the Viber app from the search result, and you will be taken to the app information screen.

Step 4: You will see the Update and Uninstall button. Click on the Update button to install the latest version of the Viber app on your device.

Step 5: Wait for a few seconds to let the Viber app complete its installation on your device. Now open the Viber app to start using its latest features.

Steps To Update Viber – Alternative

If you can’t update the Viber app due to an error or any such issues, then this method would help you out.

Step 1: Click and hold the Viber app logo on your smartphone/tablet to uninstall Viber app on your device. You should click on the OK button to confirm deleting it.

Step 2: Now go to the respective app store of your device to use the search bar and type in as Viber.

Step 3: Select the Viber app from the search result to open it on your device.

Step 4: On the app information screen of Viber, you should click on Install/Get/Download option.

Note: By default, the Viber app will be available as the latest version on the app store of any OS.

Step 5: Click on Accept/ I Agree option to proceed with the installation of the Viber app on your device.

Step 6: Wait for the Viber app to complete its installation. Click on the Open button to open it on any of your smartphones or tablets.

You can, therefore, access the updated version of Viber to let you enjoy chatting with anyone with ease.

Viber is available for

Try this!

On Google Play Store > click on Menu > select My Apps and Games > scroll down for Viber app under Updates section. Click on the update button on Viber to start the updating process.

On App Store > click on the Updates icon from the bottom > scroll down for Viber > click on the Update button.

Hope the article about Viber Update has given useful information. For any queries, you shall comment to us.