Viber is one amongst the growing collection of social chat apps to instantly connect with your friends. It works with the valid phone number and thus syncs with your existing address book. You can stay connected with your Viber friends and contacts at any time just with an internet connection. Chat for an unlimited time at no cost over instant text messages. Be expressive with what you are conveying as Viber app has thousands of unique stickers and GIFs. You shall access the best of videos, music, online services right from inside the chat section of the Viber app.

When words fail, use the Viber app to start a video call in HD-quality to chat over face-to-face with your friends. It even supports voice calling and thus you can connect with your kind of people. With end-to-end encryption, you can start conversing over instant messages or calls with added security. With secret chat feature, you can share disappearing messages to your Viber friends. Such messages will get disappear once it is read by the recipient. Thus, Viber made chatting with friends on your contact list easier than ever.

How to Chat with Viber Friends

With Viber app, you can easily chat with any of your friends over different ways. By following the section below, you will get the guidelines on the possible ways to chat with the Viber community.

How to Chat with Viber Friends over Messages (Existing Contact)

With Viber app, you can start share instant text messages for free. Get to know the steps to send a text message to Viber friends who are in your address book. Follow the respective guidelines given below to use Viber app to send messages from smartphone and desktop PC.

Step 1: Open Viber app on your device to click on Chats tab on your smartphone.

Click on Chat Screen
Click on Chat Screen

Step 2: To find the friend to whom you want to message, you should click on the plus icon or pencil like icon on the smartphone and click on Contacts tab on the desktop.

Note: Use the search box to type in the name of the contact with whom you want to share message.

Set Timer
Set Timer

Step 3: Tap on the contact name and start a new chat. Share text messages, images, videos, stickers, GIFs, files, etc.

How to Connect with Viber Friends over Community

With Viber app, you can create or join a community to chat with a group of people to discuss about your interest. With a community, you can chat with one billion people from an all-in-one place. To start a community, you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1: You should open the chat list screen, click on add new icon.

Step 2: Select New Community option to add the information about your community like name, description.

Step 3: Click on Done and share the group link with other to add participants.

Note: Use the search bar to type in the name of the community followed by @ symbol to find any.

Famous Public Accounts to Chat with Viber Friends

If you wanted to chat with Viber app users other than your contacts, then it has several different communities to follow. Chat with any Viber app users or you can connect with the public accounts like brands, business, public figures, etc. You can choose to follow public, private, brand, and even the social communities. The most popular Viber Friends community are as follows.

  • Volley Friends
  • Itchyworms & Friends
  • Topu
  • Foxsy
  • citysocializer
  • Swelly

How to Start a Hidden Chat with Viber Friends

Viber supports hiding the conversation and thus you can do it so as to keep your private messages safe from the prying eyes. Follow the steps given below to start a hidden chat.

Step 1: To hide a chat of your Viber friend, you have to open the chat screen.

Step 2: Click Contact’s name or choose more options to select Chat info.

Step 3: Choose Hide this chat option. With this, the user needs to set a four-digit secret PIN. Only when the PIN is entered, the chat can be opened.

Click Hide Chat
Click Hide Chat

With this the chat will be hidden from the chat screen of the Viber app.

Note: Choose any contact from the Viber chat screen, swipe the chat on left to hide the chat on iOS device. Android users can long hold any chat to choose hide option.

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How to Start a Secret Chat with Viber Friends

Get an extra level of privacy when compared with the normal messages as with the secret chats. To start a secret chat, you can follow the procedure given below.

Step 1: You have to open the existing chat to click on the menu button.

Step 2: Choose Switch to secret chat to select Open secret chat option.

Step 3: Now, in the new chat, you have to set the timer and send the message as a disappearing messages.

Set Timer
Set Timer

Note: You can open Chat info screen and select Open secret chat option to set the timer to send disappearing messages.

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