Viber Messenger is a popularly-used messaging app for starting an instant chat. It has more than 800 million registered users with more than 260 million monthly active users. Just like most other famous social apps business collaboration arena, Viber has also come up with a business account.

In concern to make revenue, Viber Business has been launched as a competition to the major social chat apps that target businesses. Those Viber users who have subscribed to the brands, companies, communities, etc will receive business messages.

A Complete Overview Of Viber Business

When it comes to business needs, Viber is a powerful solution that is designed to connect brands and customers efficiently. Viber business is a mix of business features with social chat app functionalities. It is integrated with chat features and thus making it a great tool for handling customers.

The business messages are useful to contact brands, banks, retailers, and other accounts that you have subscribed to. In most cases, Viber business messages will contain only the information, and at the time, it may let you reply to the sender. The business messages from Viber are mostly text messages that may otherwise include photos, links or a button. The customer may even get voice and videos in HD quality.

You can transfer the business call from mobile to desktop, delete messages that are irrelevant, sync messaging history across all the devices using the Viber app. So those brands will bring you customized offers and give you private messages based on your need. So the customer will get up-to-date information from their favourite services.

A genuine business message will have a green check on the message, or you could see the same on the top of the message you have received. However, the first time itself, Viber will ask you to confirm whether or not you want to receive the message. When you don’t want to receive messages, then the sender will not be able to send messages to you.

Things Viber Business Offers

  • With a business account of Viber, any producer will get a premium environment to communicate with the consumers.
  • Marketing will become easier for the brands as they can attract a decent number of audience with the consumer tools and apps.
  • It is easy to give native brand solutions with one-to-one marketing, and the active audience will give personal brand-to-consumer connections.
  • Viber business is aimed to provide strategic and consultative account management with recommendations that can be used to grow your business.
  • It has powerful stickers that are shareable and high-impact stickers that will give brand awareness and user acquisition.
  • The brands can just go beyond SMS by personally interacting with the consumers. Do actions in the native, brand-safe environment.
  • Create your own Viber community as a Superadmin to add or remove community members, promote members to admin or super admin, pin messages, delete messages, control admins writing privileges, and more.

In every 60 seconds, with Viber Business

Viber for business will increase your brand to be better known by consumers through ads. With this, the brands can connect with active and engaged consumers from around the world. It gives users insights showing the percentage of users, and the device they are in, showing the number of stickers, GIFs, photos, and videos that are shared. It is a great platform that can be used to reach a highly engaged and unique audience to share your brand’s story.

With a public account, you will be able to build a digital extension to share messages, share and grow your brand. It lets you reach and discover consumers in a native and contextual way. Viber for Business lets you engage, connect and transact with a global audience

  • 3,000,000 messages are send
  • 140,000 calls
  • 1,200,000 logins
  • 2,000 new users join
  • 15,000 likes sent
  • 300,000 stickers are shared
  • 1,500,000 pictures shared
  • 10,000 group chat likes

Viber for Business has been showing a substantial success rate over the years. It has a huge client base that lets the producers give premium quality communication to the consumers.

Viber Fact: To use Viber on Windows PC/ Laptop, Viber for Mac, and Viber For Linux/ Ubuntu, you should have Viber App installed on your mobile device.

Viber is also available

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