Tango is a two-in-one app that works as an instant messaging and live video broadcasting platform. It is a freeware with which anyone can easily broadcast live content whenever and wherever you want. Tango was just a video calling app upon its launch. However, new features were constantly added with every Tango update.

Tango is most often used as a platform to showcase your talents in the best video quality. Undoubtedly, the Tango app wouldn’t have reached such a massive number of users without being updated frequently. So it is vital for any of its users to update Tango app on their device to access the latest features.

Even at times, the Tango update will save you from bugs and errors. It is an excellent tool to follow stars, play games, join the live community, earn gifts, and redeem it for real cash. By getting in this article, you will be finding the steps to update Tango on all the supported platforms.

How to Update Tango to the Latest Version

Tango is a cross-platform app and is available on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS. Upon following the section below, you will be able to update Tango app on any of the platforms.

Steps to Update Tango on Android Platform

Follow the procedure given below to update Tango app on your Android, Lenovo, and BlackBerry with Android OS devices.

Step 1: Open the Play Store on your Android device from the apps section.

Step 2: Use the search bar to type in as Tango and click on the magnifier button to search for it.

Type in as Tango
Type in as Tango

Step 3: On the Tango app information screen, you have to click on the Update button.

Click on Update
Click on Update

Step 4: Wait for the Tango app to complete the updating process on your device. Click on the Open button to access the updated version of Tango on Android.

Try This!

Go to Google Play Store > click on the Menu icon near search bar > select My Apps & Games > scroll down for Tango app under Updates > Click on Update.

Steps to Update Tango on iOS Device

If you have the Tango app installed on your iPad or iPhone, then follow the steps given below to update it.

Step 1: You should click on the App Store icon on your iOS device to open it.

Step 2: Make a click on the magnifier icon on the keypad and enter the app name as Tango on the search bar. Click on the Search button.

Type Tango
Type Tango

Step 3: Choose the Tango app from the shown list of apps suggestions.

Step 4: You should click on the Update button on the next screen to start updating the Tango app on iOS.

Click Update
Click Update

Step 5: When updating gets completed, you should click on the Open button to use the latest Tango app on iPhone/iPad.

Try This!

Open App Store on iOS > click on Updates icon from the bottom > scroll for Tango app > tap on the Update button on the right.

Steps to Update Tango on BlackBerry OS

To update your Tango app on BlackBerry phone, you can follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open the App World on your BlackBerry device by scrolling for it on the apps section.

Step 2: You should click on the My World on the home screen of BlackBerry World or swipe left to see the option.

Step 3: Make a click on the My Apps & Games option on the next screen.

Step 4: Click on the overflow icon followed by the Check for Updates option. Wait for the BlackBerry device to check for any updates.

Step 5: Scroll down to the Tango app and click on the Update button to start downloading the latest version.

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Hope the steps given here in this article to update Tango app are useful to you. If in case of any queries, leave us your comments.