Tango is a popularly known video chat app to get connected with friends and family. Whether you wanted to share messages or chat over calls, this mobile chat app will satisfy all your chatting needs. Tango was made available as video and voice calling app initially. Soon after gaining popularity, it has integrated with the chat features. Anyone can let indulge in Tango chat to share unlimited text messages at no cost thereby.

Tango makes you easy to stay connected with people from all over the world through instant messages. Share text messages, photos, music, and anything more. Be expressive while sharing text messages as the Tango app supports a large number of smileys and GIFs. You can also record an audio message and share it with other Tango users.

Apart from this, you can start live broadcasting to the world or showcase your talents. It is the best platform to show what you are good at and you can Tango chat 24/7 or watch broadcasts by others. By joining the Tango live community, you can follow favourite celebrities and chat with them directly. Earn special gifts by live broadcasts, and you can redeem it for real cash. Find more about Chatting on Tango from the below section.

How to Chat on Tango App

Tango is a live broadcasting app that can be used for chatting over instant messages. The section below would help you out with the steps to chat on Tango from your Android or iOS device.

Note: You must have the latest version of Tango app installed on your device just before following the steps.

Steps to Chat on Tango Via Messages

Step 1: Click on the Tango app icon from the Apps section on your smartphone.

Step 2: When the Tango app is opened, you have to click on the three horizontal lines or Tango Menu. You can also swipe from the left of the smartphone to see the list of options on Menu.

Note: Simply click on Chat tab on Tango home screen to find the Tango contacts to start sharing messages.

Step 3: Make a click on My Friends from the list of options available on the Tango app.

Step 4: You will be re-directed to the Friends tab in which you will see the list of Tango users. Just tap on the chat icon that is present next to the Tango user name.

Tango Chat
Tango Chat

Step 5: A chat window will be opened for the chosen Tango user. Now, you can start sharing text messages, photos, music, location, audio messages, etc.

Upon following these steps, anyone can start chatting over instant text messages at free of cost with one another Tango user.

Tango Live Broadcasting

Tango app supports live broadcasting feature, and its users have hosted millions of live video broadcasts since then. With Tango, you can broadcast videos with your world in the best video quality ever. In the same way, you can watch broadcasts of others and comment on their video instantly. By default, Tango app supports public broadcasting and if you wanted to start a private broadcast, then follow the steps given below.

Tango Live Broadcasting
Tango Live Broadcasting

How to Start a Live Broadcast in Tango

You can follow the steps given below to start a live broadcast.

Step 1: You have to start a public chat in the Tango app initially.

Step 2: As soon as you receive the first gift in the live broadcast, you should click the Locked Camera icon.

Step 3: Choose Invite all option or select gifter you need to invite.

Step 4: Click on Start and with this, you can start a private live broadcast.

Tango is available for

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