Tango is an interactive video broadcasting platform to showcase your skills to the world. You can meet new people or chat with your existing contacts as Tango gets sync with your phone address book. With the cross-platform support, anyone can become a star by broadcasting the videos with the installation of Tango for Lenovo.

You can start sharing unlimited messages for free, either by installing Tango on Lenovo Smartphone or PC. You can share private messages or chat with a group of Tango people all at once. You can use stickers to be more expressive or share photos, music, documents, etc.

Experience the high-quality video and audio calls at any time with the Tango app on Lenovo device. By joining the Tango Live community, you can follow the celebrities to chat with them. Show them your support by sharing special gifts that can be redeemed for the real cash. You may play Tango games and challenge friends to climb the leader board positions.

How to Download & Install Tango on Lenovo

Tango works on a variety of platforms, and it can also be accessed on Lenovo devices. Whether it is a Lenovo smartphone/tablet or PC, Tango can be installed upon following the section given below.

Steps to Download Tango for Lenovo Smartphone/ Tablet

As Lenovo smartphones are Android OS supported, the features and the downloading procedure of Tango for Lenovo phone is just the same as Tango for Android. You may click on the link to know the steps to download Tango for Android Lenovo Smartphone/ Tablet.

Steps to Download Tango for Lenovo PC

Tango app can be used on Lenovo PC, and the installation procedure is the same as Tango for PC Windows. Any Android apps like Tango can be installed on desktop using Android emulator. Click on the link given here to know the steps to download Tango for PC Lenovo.

Tango for Lenovo Alternatives

Tango is also available for

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