Xender for Windows Phone is the smartest file transferring app with which you can transfer everything. It is rated as the fastest file transfer and sharing app that will can be used to transfer any type of files at the speed of 40 Mb/s.

You will never be limited with the type of files that you are transferring with this file sharing app. Aside, Xender on Windows Phone will let you share files of any size. Xender is all you need if you wanted to transfer photos, music, videos, movies, documents, etc. You can connect with two or more smartphones to share the media files. Xender app will create a wireless connection and you can share any files with few taps.

With Xender app for Windows Phone, you will be able to transfer files between Windows Phone or Android or iOS. It is available on 32 different languages and thus you can access it from any parts of the world. The multi-platform support of this file transfer app can be used to share files even with the Windows/Mac PC. You can take a backup copy of your important data using Xender on your device and clean the phone storage.

Features of Xender Windows Phone is similar to Xender Apk for Android

How to Download & Install Xender for Windows Phone

As Xender is available for Windows Phone platform officially, you can download it let enjoy instant file transferring. The steps given below would help you get Xender app for Windows Phone with ease.

Step 1: Click on the Windows Phone Store on your Windows Phone to open it.

Alternative: You can open the official web page of Xender app (www.xender.com) to click on Windows option. With this, you will be directed to the Windows Phone Store.

Step 2: On the search bar, manually enter the name of the app as Xender. A list of related apps will be shown in which you should click on Xender.

Step 3: Click on the Get button to start the downloading procedure of Xender app on Windows Phone.

Step 4: When it completes its downloading process, you can click on Xender to open it on the smartphone.

Step 5: Click on Connect Friend option to start searching for one another device with Xender app installed.

Note: You must turn of the WiFi connection on your Windows Phone initially as Xender don’t use your internet or WiFi.

Step 6: When both the device gets connected, you can start transferring the files of any type.

Note: Make sure both the sender and receiver device are connected to the same WiFi connection.

Xender for Windows Phone Alternatives

Xender is also available


Use Xender for Windows Phone to start transferring multiple files with up to four other devices connected to the same WiFi network.

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