Xender application is developed to transfer files between one or more devices. It is a wireless file transferring app that is best known for its file transferring speed. Being available officially for four different OS of which Tizen isn’t an exception. So you can download Xender for Tizen as to access it on the supported Samsung devices.

Those users who have Xender on Tizen Store can download it and start transferring files. It don’t limit you with the type of files, so you can transfer your photos, videos, music, documents, movies, etc. It has simply replaced the oldest file transferring means like tangled cables, Bluetooth, etc. Files can be transmitted using Xender app on Tizen without the internet or data connection.

Although Tizen is a open-source Linux-based mobile OS, Xender app can be used on it as with the cross-platform support. Having been used by more than 500 millions of users, Xender is the top-choice when it comes to transferring files. It can be used from anywhere in the world as Xender is available on 32 different languages. The interface of the Xender app is user-friendly and thus you can transfer files from Tizen device to Android, iOS, or PC.

Steps To Download and Install Xender for Tizen

As Xender app is available for the Tizen platform devices officially, it can be downloaded directly from the Tizen Store. Those users of Samsung Z/Z1, Samsung Z2/Z3/Z4 devices can follow the steps given below to download Xender app for Tizen.

Step 1: Open the Tizen Store on any of the Samsung device running on Tizen OS.

Step 2: Use the search bar of Tizen Store to type in the app name as Xender. Click on the search icon to find it.

Step 3: Click on the Xender app logo from the search result to open it on your Tizen device.

Step 4: On the app information screen, you should click on Get button to start the downloading process of Xender on Tizen.

Xender on Tizen
Xender on Tizen

Step 5: Provide the Samsung account credentials soon after the installation of Xender on Tizen to login and start using it.

Xender for Tizen Alternatives

Xender is also available


You can start transferring files without cable, internet, and spending bucks without any limits by using Xender on Tizen.

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