Wireless file transferring between devices is made convenient with SHAREit app. It is a very useful tool for sharing files of larger size. With one click, any SHAREit users can share a wide range of multimedia files across devices. Despite being available for different platforms, SHAREit still lacks support for Tizen OS. In such a case, never feel neglected as there are few SHAREit for Tizen Samsung alternatives available. This article deals with the same, and at the end, you will be able to share files from Tizen with one or more devices.

Note: SHAREit Tizen alternative is available for specific Tizen phone models. It includes SM z130H, SM Z300H, SM Z200F, SM Z200M, SM Z4OOF, SM Z400Y, etc.

SHAREit for Tizen Alternatives

SHAREit lacks official support on the Tizen Store. So, you should depend on the SHAREit for Tizen Z2 alternative to share files between devices.

Note: Just like SHAREit for Tizen Z4, the alternatives also uses the WiFi direct to transfer the files.

1. Xender

Xender is the first rated file-sharing app with native support for Tizen OS. You can use it as an alternative to SHAREit for Tizen Z1. With Xender app, you can transfer files between device without USB cable, Bluetooth, or internet. It works just like SHAREit and transmits files at the rapid speed. Transfer files of any type including pictures, videos, music, documents, apps, etc., at any size. Additionally, you can share the same files with a group of four other devices with one click using Xender on Tizen.

SHAREit Tizen Alternative
SHAREit Tizen Samsung Alternative

Click on the link to know the procedure to download Xender for Tizen.

2. Zapya WebShare

Zapya WebShare is one of the best file-sharing apps and an alternative to the SHAREit app for Tizen. You can use it to access the media files available on Tizen phone from your browser. It lets you view the photos, watch videos, and play music. Zapya lets you download the files that are available on your phone. Meanwhile, you can also upload files to your Tizen right from your browser. You can share files flexibly to any device using Zapya WebShare for Tizen.

SHAREit for Tizen - Alternative
Download SHAREit for Tizen Z3 – Alternative

SHAREit is also available for

Hope the article has let you know SHAREit for Tizen alternatives. Is there any other better file transferring apps available for Tizen? Then share it as comments below.