SHAREit is one among the very few wireless file transferring apps to support a larger number of operating systems. It can be used to share files to the feature phones like Jio. As of now, the SHAREit app is officially available for the smartphone platform, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. So, you cannot download SHAREit for Jio phone. Still, there is a way out there to transfer files to Jio phone using SHAREit apk.

Note: You don’t have to download SHAREit App for Jio Phone. SHAREit Android version has native support available, and it transfers files to Jio phone.

Without needing to rely on the external USB cable, you can share any files to the Jio phone. The compatible nature of SHAREit is one of the solid reason for its popularity. Besides this, there is no limit on the size of the files you share over the SHAREit apk for Jio Phone.

Steps to access SHAREit on Jio Phone

The steps given below will let you transfer files from Android to Jio phone.

Note: This method doesn’t require the Jio phone user to download SHAREit.

Step 1: Press the App drawer icon on your Android phone at first. Click on the icon named SHAREit.

Step 2: Navigate to the top-right corner to click on the Jio/four mini square icon.

SHAREit Download for Jio Phone
SHAREit Download for Jio Phone

Step 3: Select WebShare from the list of options shown in the drop-down. You can even tap on Share with Jio option and skip to Step 6.

Select WebShare or Share to Jio
Select WebShare or Share to Jio

Step 4: Choose the files that you want to share using SHAREit to Jio phone.

Select Files
Select Files

Step 5: Tap on the Send button at the bottom. Now, a hotspot connection will be established.

Step 6(a): Now, ask Jio phone user to connect to the hotspot name shown on your Android device. For instance, Username


Step 6(b): Alternatively, you can ask Jio user to open the web browser and type in the URL shown on Android phone. For instance,

Connect your Jio Phone
Connect your Jio Phone

Note: Jio user can use Wechat/QQ/Weibo app to scan the QR code shown on the Android device to transfer files instantly. Make sure to turn on the mobile data to let any app scan the QR code

Step 7: When the connection is established, files will be transferred from Android to Jio phone.

SHAREit for Jio Phone Alternatives

SHAREit is also available for

Hope the article about SHAREit for Jio Phone has guided you to transfer files from Android device quickly. If you want to leave us your suggestions, comment us below.