LINE – Free Calls & Messages by LINE Corporation is a popular social messaging app developed to connect people globally. It has been installed more than 500 million times till date. With the success of LINE, the developers have come up with a business model called LINE@ or LINEat. LINE Business is particularly useful to connect with the customers and fans.

LINE Business – An Overview

LINE Business or LINE@ is designed to provide the best customer service by reaching them through messages. It is aimed to strengthen the bond between the organization and the customers. LINE@ has a wide range of features that will promote the organization, brand, or the product in a completely new way.

LINE@ is a free platform and it is a must to create a business account with LINE to communicate with the clients. It has been made available as an app on Android and iOS platform while the desktop users can sign in to LINE@Manager to access its features.

Features of LINE Business

  • With LINE@, you can create messages and send them to those customers or fans following your account.
  • Chat with your customers directly in one-on-one chat and resolve their inquiries, queries, comments efficiently using LINE@ Business.
  • Create an exclusive in-app home page to add information about your account, event notification, just-in info, and more.
  • LINE Business supports sending an unspecified number of messages and news notification to the users about your account.
  • Use PR Pages to create and provide data, coupons including one-time-only coupons, etc, to send it in a normal message.
  • Invite users to participate in polls or questionnaires and survey about your product using the Research pages.
  • In a statistical way, you can see the number of followers every day and the responses to your Timeline.

How to Download LINE@ Business

LINE Business or LINE@ app is available officially for the Android and iOS platform and the below-given steps given would help you with the downloading process.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store on your Android device or App Store on your iOS device.

Step 2: Use the search bar to type in as LINE@ and choose LINE@App from the list of suggestions.

Step 3: Click on Install/Get button on the app information screen of LINE@ on your smartphone.

Step 4: Tap on the Accept button on the Android device or provide your Apple ID password on the iOS device to proceed with the installation of LINE@.

Step 5: Wait for the downloading process to complete on your device. Once done, click on the Open button.

Note: To use LINE Business on PC, click here to login using your email id and password.

Line is also available for

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