Telegram is a useful and exclusive communication tool to deal with messages. It does more when compared to standard social chat apps. Besides using it for personal purposes, you may make use of its features for business development. Its multi-platform support is an added advantage, and thus you shall use Telegram business from any of your devices.

Unlike its rivals, Telegram never asks you to install a separate app for business purposes. Instead, you can make use of its exclusive features from within the app to connect with your customers. We have covered the possible Telegram features that you can make use for business purposes here. Take a look to know the possible ways in which you can make use of these features to extend its support for your business.

Is it Worth using Telegram for Business?

The answer isn’t straightforward, as around 200 million monthly active users use Telegram. This is relatively small when compared to Facebook and WhatsApp. Telegram is the third-most downloaded app in the communication category at free of cost. It is popular in different parts, and the countries include Central Asia, Iran, Ethiopia, etc. So, there is nothing wrong with targeting those Telegram users around the world and thereby communicating with them from a business point of view.

How to use Telegram for Business

The following features will help you attract Telegram business users from any device efficiently.

Telegram Channels

You can use the Telegram app to broadcast messages to a larger number of participants at the same time. This is done through the Channels feature. Each channel supports an unlimited number of subscribers. When the admin posts a message on the channel, all its participants can read it. Telegram Business Channels supports adding administrators for managing the channel.

Telegram channels are of two types, namely public and private channels. Public channels will have a unique username, and the creator should invite the first 200 users by sending the link. After this, anyone who wishes to join the channel can proceed. Mostly, public channels are searchable by username.

The private channels are unlike public channels as the former is available for closed societies. The channel creator can only add participants after inviting. In other words, any private channel creator has to invite friends by sending a link. Besides this, you will find no noticeable difference in the message interface.

If you want to improve your business or to be productive, then you can use Telegram Channel feature to communicate with your customers about your latest offers, business updates, and lots more. Note that on Telegram channels, only the admin can post messages while the participants can only read and cannot respond to it.

Telegram Groups

Telegram Group feature is almost the same option available on any social app as group chat. It is similar to Channels, yet it differs slightly in terms of functionality. Telegram Business Groups supports adding up to 200,000 group participants, and all of them can take part in communication.

A group may have its own unique name, profile photo, name, and participants. It offers lots of customization feature support, and you can make groups available for the public, limit who can see group chat, add admins, etc. Telegram messenger for Business supports inviting participants to group through links. You can do it soon after creating a group and selecting “Invite to Group via Link” under Add participant section.

This is yet again, a useful feature to stay connected with all your customers from the Telegram app. For instance, you may create a group to collaborating with small teams.

Telegram Bots

The most useful feature of Telegram for Business is the bots. It is a computer program that runs inside Telegram. Bots are most often used to deal with minimal things. Their functions are limited and can see the public name, profile photos, username, and send messages. Telegram users can even block messages from bots.

Bots can be used for your business needs. For instance, you can create bots for your business purpose to guide your customers with every basic thing that they need to know about your business.

Telegram is available for


Whether you are new to business or looking for ways to promote it, Telegram is one of the simple platforms to try it.

Hope the article is useful to you and has provided the necessary information about Telegram Business. For any clarification, you may reach us through comments.