Kodi is a quintessential entertainment center that will bring life to the media files. Besides having the biggest community support, it runs on almost any operating systems and devices. Since it is accessible on Linux, the MINIX users can also use Kodi. MINIX comes with XBMC installed by default. However, you must download Kodi for MINIX to access the latest feature of this media center.

The interface of Kodi on MINIX is almost the same, just like Kodi on Android. With Kodi MINIX app, you can view and play music, videos, podcasts, and more other digital files. Most importantly, the 10-foot user interface of Kodi is absolutely useful while accessing it on MINIX. Choose from the enormous collection of addons to further customize and improve Kodi experience.

FYI: MINIX is a Unix like OS and is based on the microkernel architecture. It is an open-source operating system that runs on x86 and ARM CPU. So, you can access MINIX on x86 PC’s and virtual machines.

Procedure to Install Kodi on MINIX

Installing Kodi on MINIX is simple if you follow the guidelines given below.


If you have MINIX hub, then do the following,

  • Connect MINIX hub and Smart TV using HDMI cord.
  • Plugin the power cord to the MINIX hub power port.
  • Press and hold the power button to turn on the hub.

Step 1: Firstly, you should power on the Windows 10 PC with MINIX NEO/Home or the MINIX Box.

Note: MINIX comes pre-installed in Windows 10 Pro version. Skip to Step 4 directly.

Step 2: The home screen of MINIX will show you the apps that are available.

Step 3: To go the apps screen, you should click on the circle with six squares.

Step 4: Just click on the Google Play Store icon as Kodi is available officially on it.

Step 5: The next screen will show you the Apps section. Hover to tap on the Categories drop-down.

Step 6: Now, you should choose Video Players & Editors option.

Step 7: Scroll down till you see Kodi and click on it to proceed further.

Kodi for MINIX
Kodi for MINIX

Step 8: Navigate to tap on the Install button on the app info page to download it on MINIX.

Note: If you are installing Kodi as the first app, then you should provide your credit card details, location, etc. Meanwhile, you can skip this step if you want.

Step 9: Make a tap on the Open button once after the installation of Kodi on MINIX.

Step 10: You can finally start using Kodi app to organize and manage all your multimedia files.

Kodi for MINIX Alternatives

Kodi is also available for

To Sum Up

To stream a wide range of videos or organize the digital media files, all you need to have is MINIX Kodi.

Upon following the section above, you can effortlessly install Kodi for MINIX. Keep visiting our website for more updates.